Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Last Massage

Today was a sad day in one sense. Janice, my massage therapist, moving back East in a week or so. Janice started with me just after IMC when Kate, my previous therapist moved to Canmore. I've still got her contact info if anyone is looking for a fabulous massage therapist in the Canmore area.

Janice and I got on well from the start, and I really like her style. She is really, really good at finding the places that need to be worked on, and did so. She has a couple therapists interested in taking over her clientele, so I hope one of those works out well. If anyone in South Calgary has a mobile therapist that's looking for more clients, please send me their name.

The only workout since Friday has been trying to stay on top of the lawn. We've had a lot of rain lately, which makes it tough. Plus it's just the start of the year so there is all kinds of crap to clean up, which means lots of bending over. The grassy parts of the lawn are about as civilized as they're going to get. Now it's time to work on the raised beds. The lilies I moved last year are coming up, so that much is good. I don't have much of a green thumb.


  1. I hate having to find new medical professionals (since that is what I consider an RMT). Hopefully you find somebody quickly that works for you!

  2. Are you in mourning over the loss? Unlike you to not post in five days...

    Of course, I'm one to talk.

    Hope everythings OK and that the tall grass didn't get you :-)

  3. That blows that your massage therapist moved. It takes a long time to find a good one that you trust.

    This is the first week we haven't seen like three consecutive days of rain here. Maybe this good weather is heading your way?


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