Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yoga - the fiasco class

She said it, not me! That's what our instructor said it would be. She had had a tough day and it was a bit fun watching her get set up and ready to go. But then the class ran on rails, just like normal. I was almost disappointed. Lots of back bendy stuff, which I really needed. And Progress, with a capital P! You know the one where you sit cross legged, and then slowly try to touch your nose to the floor? Normally, I get to about where I'm balanced, as opposed to wanting to rock backwards. But today I started going forward, and forward, and more forward. I was amazed.

I'd gone to bed early last night, before 9pm, and slept like a rock. I must have needed it. I'll be in bed before 9:30 tonight I'm sure, unless there's a ton of interesting stuff on facebook or blogs.

And San, was that you at 1am my time getting all caught up on my blog? I love seeing spikes in my readership.

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  1. Wow you do go to bed early!! I thought lights out at 10pm was early!! Good for you!


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