Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New shoes

It seems like just a little while ago since I bought my last set of running shoes. It turns out to be 13 months ago. Or, one Ironman, one half IM, and one Oly, plus training for them. And according to the ART guy a couple months ago, they were in surprisingly good shape, but it was getting to be time to replace them. So today was the day. Here they are.

Here's some pics of the bottoms of the old ones. Not really that badly worn.

Here's a link to pics of these shoes when they were new. The sales guy at Gord's was bemused at the thought a pair of shoes would last that long, but looked it up at checkout. Then he was amazed. When we started I told him I wanted the same model (New Balance 767), but they don't make it anymore. Now is 4 models later. What can change that much in a running shoe? Now I get to play with the speed laces till I get them right.

First thing this am was a swim. I now know it takes only a few weeks to lose the edge. Even today I could feel myself working harder than I should have been, and going slower. Worked on form. One hour.

No run in the evening. We went up to the Clay Oven to celebrate signing the new contract to work till the end of the year.

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  1. Yay for new shoe!! They sure lasted you a long time! Is Clay Oven Indian food?


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