Sunday, March 20, 2011

No KBRCC today, but it's not what you think

We were supposed to get some snow but it never happened. Only a cm or so, which is trivial. Not even worth noticing. Except that is just enough to hide the ice, as opposed to any other flat spot, which makes for nervous running.

Bike was good. Maxed out at about 110 rpm, but felt stronger when going slower than that. Spent lots of time around 90 rpm, trying to spin smooth. Pushed some harder gears as well, especially from the one hour to 1.5 hour mark. I was even standing for a bit. I had a really good sweat going for that portion. After that I started getting some twinges in my knee so I backed off a bit. Ended up being on the bike 2.25 hrs, most of it feeling pretty strong. Stretched after.

No run for me. Only about half the people ran. Not sure if it's prudence or just part of their plan.

No core either, since the Tri-It people were going to be doing inventory and needed us out early. That just completely and totally broke my heart.

No cupcakes either, but we had brownies instead. Not quite like other brownies you've had. Very, very moist, very fudgey.

It's really nice out now, warm and sunny. If I was ambitious I'd run now, except I have other stuff to do. Yeah, that's it, other stuff to do.

Weekly Summary
Swim 1.0 hrs
Bike 3.0 hrs
Run 1.0 hrs
Total Cardio 5.0 hrs
Core 2.5 hrs

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