Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oops. Did it again. Grrrr!

Forgot my swim shorts, and only realized it when I got to the pool. A long time ago I had put another pair of swim shorts in the bag. Some time less than a long time ago I took those out again for some reason. Sigh. So no swim this morning.

But I ran this evening. Sort of ran. Kind of. It was pretty terrible actually. Slow. Heavy. My legs felt like they weighed a tonne. Each. I'm still going to have to fiddle with the laces. I'm not sure if I like the shoes or not. Today they seemed to be wanting me to run on my heels, which I don't do at all. 45 minutes of slowness, after about 20 minutes of core and leg exercises.


  1. hahahahahahahah....

    All I could think of was Britney Spears when I read this...

  2. Arggg I hate forgetting the swim shorts. It always took me a bit to get mentally prepared to swim, I guess since it was my least favorite, then not being able to do it when I get into the change room. Plus with Chuckie as coach I knew there was no getting out of that workout anyways, he would just have me make it up another day. lol I feel your pain Keith. Keep workin on your running buddy.

  3. Apparently Alice and I think alike!!

    Rookie mistake!

  4. Couldn't you just swim "alfresco" (so to speak)? What? Public nudity frowned upon in Kanadia?

    Who's the uptight Puritanical county NOW, hyh?

    (A: Teh U S of A.)

  5. "hyh" being Kanadian for "huh", of course. Or so I am told.

  6. Forgetting essential equipment is so obnoxious! Once I forgot my socks when I was going to run on the treadmill at the gym. I debated about what to do, run barefoot or go home. Finally I decided to just go barefoot. 1.5 miles into it, I could feel a blister developing. So, I got off, went to my car, got my wallet, then went upstairs to buy a package of three socks (my gym is attached to an outdoor mall thankfully and not thankfully, and of course they didn't just sell single pairs of socks). Anyway, after that I was so mad at myself for forgetting them that I kept an extra pair in my bag just in case. Until they got to be so annoying flopping around everywhere and popping up everytime I was trying to find everything else in there EXCEPT the socks, that I took them out agiain. What is the point of this unnecessarily long story? I understand why you took your extra swim suit out of your bag, which is why you had no suit, so I also understand how frustrated you must have been. Equipment=annoying.


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