Monday, March 28, 2011

Not much to say this time

Core, 45 minutes. Including 2x10 pushups, feeling stronger with a couple flabby ones in the middle. Lots of 1 leg squats and some deep 2. Plank, but that was weenie time. Lots of stretching and oblique stuff.

Then bike 30 minutes easy spin. The top of my knee felt a little loose past 110 rpm so I didn't push it much.

That is all. Move along, nothing more to see here. Back to whatever you were up to.


  1. Genuine disappointment. I'm home sick today with a stack of papers to grade and I was looking for diversion. Get out there and workout or eat chocolate or run through a snow drift or something!

  2. haha no rant today?? I look forward to those!


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