Monday, September 15, 2008

X ray evidence

Doctor's appointment today, and in the tradition I've established, the evidence is attached below. And no, Susi, I don't think you'll gag on this. Just a nice clean x-ray image. You've seen hundreds, perhaps thousands of them. Think of this as a crack, or perhaps a lamination flaw. Not a manufacturer's defect, no corrosion, no icky bacterial growth. Pity they can't open it up, seal it with epoxy or equivalent, and carry on like new.

But still, it's fairly easy to see, look for the left hand smooth ball. Just underneath that, look for the smooth white pad that it rotates on, and look for the dark crack toward the right side of the pad. That's it, that's what's causing all my arm pain. As soon as the Doctor saw the bruise on my arm and I described my restricted mobility, he didn't believe for a second I hadn't broken anything. It just took a bit of hunting to find it.

There are several other images, and after a bit of a struggle to find a viewer that worked, I've taken a look at them. None of the other images show it as clearly as this.

What next? Well, my Dr is trying to book me into a specialist for this sort of thing. I guess it's on the borderline of doing something about it, or leaving it alone. As long as I don't do anything painful, it should be fine in the short term. That means, for the moment, living with restricted mobility. Riding a bike outside is totally, right effing out of the question. Sigh, and it's supposed to be so nice for the next little while. Given that I can't extend or straighten my arm, have essentially zero strength in my hand, and can't move my wrist much, swimming is pretty much out for a while too.

I still have my nice, husky, sexy voice that makes women go weak in the knees. Even when I'm talking work, and datbase stuff. Who knows what would happen if I were single, whispering sweet nothings into her ear, all alone in a private place??? At my age I probably wouldn't live through it anyway, but what a way to go!! I digress. The doctor says the only way to see if there's actually anything wrong with my voice box is to drop a tiny camera on a fiber optic (steady on, Susi!) cable down my throat and take a look. In living colour, no less. He suggests giving it a few more days, since it could be co-incidence. There's a lot of throat hoarseness from stuff going around right now. He thinks it's possible, but unlikely that I strained it in the fall. Not impossible, he admited while fondling my neck, shoulders, and jaw muscles, so keep an eye on that.

So I get to be careful for a while. Considering that my favourite cousin got cancer for a 50th birthday, my most serious injuries before this come down to strained muscles, scrapes, cuts, bruises, a tiny chip off one tooth, and a bit of flirting with heatstroke, all in a pretty active life with a few close calls. All things considered, you won't hear me complaining. Life is still good.


  1. oh we could do a boroscope test of your throat!!! not that i'd be the one looking at the vid, but i could be responsbile for shoving boroscope in. tee hee.

    julie and i KNEW there was something else going on with your arm!!! doctor schmoctor. it was swollen and you couldn't move it. sheesh. what more did doc need??

    i'm sorry that you can't bike, but am glad you are on the path to recovery. i can lend you my louise hay's book if you like. so you can perform healing affirmations.

    oh, and i'm scrolling no further than this post. thank you for letting me know the horror was no longer in view. :)

    ps, you should show nicky your xray - he's great with that stuff.

  2. Aww... Ihope they fix you up - hang in there!!!

  3. Susi is absolutely right! Your arm was so swollen and terrible-looking, no duh something broke. I'm glad your doctor took the time to search a bit more.

    When these things happen, I like to look at them as a wake up call -- to pay attention to something in your life that needs attention NOW. Maybe all you have to do is relax with Linda and Amelia and concentrate on nothing more taxing than what kind of wine to bottle next.

    I know the frustration of not being able to work out -- AAARRRGGHH!! It's enough to make one go insane. The trick is, I think, to occupy yourself with something else -- anything else.

    Know that you have a bunch of blog buddies out here cheering for you and supporting you for a full recovery. If you get bored, blog. If you get really bored and frustrated, blog. We are here for you Keith!!!

    :) :) :) :) :)

    By the way, I think I owe you 10 bucks...LOL!!!!!


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