Saturday, September 13, 2008

Can't swim, can't bike, soooooo

I ate chocolate!!!

Well, no. But I did go for a run this afternoon. It's a beautiful day out, and my feet were getting itchy. Since this is unstructured training, I decided to go out and do what I felt like doing. That turned into a nice run around Woodbine. Mostly it was nice and easy, with some faster sections here and there as I felt like it.

You can see from the map where I went. I felt strong and steady for the first 45 min or so, then faded a bit. I had to push myself to keep going. The loop I was doing is 8.2 K or so, and I did 8K in an hour. That's pretty good for me, especially since I was out for an easy run, and wasn't trying to push the pace. For most of the first half, my heart rate was mid 120's, then was mid 130's for most of the last half. Up hill and all. Walked about 5 minutes before and after, and did some stretching after.

Not as many people out and about as I thought there'd be, although I saw two idiots without helmets. I'm still trying to decide how to deal with these people. Do I heap abuse and invective on them? Do I just shout, hey buddy do is a favour and wear a helmet! Or do I hope they crash, take themselves out of the gene pool, and drive the average IQ up slightly? But wait, they crash, and they take up valuable medical resources. hmmmmm.

My mouth is still sore and I have to be careful how I eat. The scrapes are just about healed, and there's a spectacular bruise coming in under my right elbow and forearm. The mobility is my right arm is better, but still limited, and it feels very weak. I couldn't ride a bike, since my arm won't support my weight in that position. Trying the swim motion leads me to believe going to the pool isn't a good idea just yet. I do have an appointment with my family doctor on Monday. I'll go over what happened, what seems to be ok, and what still hurts, then we'll go from there. I suspect there will be at least some followup medical stuff.

OK Susi, carefully now. Scroll down slowly. There are 3 paragraphs in my previous blog entry, then the fatal sentence, "I think you can figure out the before and after." Right after that are the photos you don't want to see.

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  1. Ten bucks says Susi's curiousity gets the best of her and she not only peeks, but does a couple of dry heaves too... LOL!!!!!


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