Saturday, September 27, 2008

Begone sickness, slugitude, and sloth

I am feeling much better. My cold is completely gone now, although my arm is still broken, alas. That didn't stop me from running today. Well, I call it running, though most of you would call it a brisk walk. Still, it was nice to be outside on such a nice fall day. I figured that I've lost significant fitness ground to sickness, slugitude, and sloth, to say nothing of pain.

So I wanted to start off nice and easy, with 10/1 very slow x 5. Walked before and after. My heart monitor was giving me some weird numbers at first, but then it settled down again. Most of the run was mid to upper zone 2, and when it got above that, I slowed down. There were a few niggles here and there. Hips had some creakiness for a little while, and my left knee let out some complaints. But mostly things felt good, and it was nice to get some fresh air.

Physio appt next week to work on range of motion. Given my previous experience with physio, I expect to need a tylenol the size of a baseball afterward.

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  1. it was a brilliant day for running!

    glad you were able to get out there and enjoy it. don't forget to bring strip of leather to bite on during physio, heh heh.


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