Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nice swim

First pool swim in a while. Started easy and relaxed with a couple other people in the lane. Gradually sped up a bit till I caught one of them, then picked it more to drop him. Pushed nice and strong for a few more laps, then settled back to easy. Rested a minute, then did an all out 50 m, then a couple more lengths to cool down.

Swim felt fantastic in a way it hasn't for a while. I felt smooth and strong, although I wasn't wearing a watch and didn't count lengths. I suspect I swam 1000 to 1500 m, but I don't really care. Really worked on my entry, and keeping my elbows up.

Chatted with my swim buddy Deb that I often see at the pool. She was in Chinook too, and has signed up for IMC. She's really excited about it, so I expect to see her working out in the pool regularly.

Hoping to see lots of you on Sat!

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