Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More ow!!!! Graphic followup.

I've had a few days to think about my crash on Friday. Looking over the damage to the helmet, the faint scratches on the left front corner of my eyeglasses, and the pattern of scrapes on my face, I've come to the following conclusion.

I'm one lucky cyclist that was smart enough to be wearing a helmet. Without the helmet I'd have certainly ground my eyeglasses into my left eye. Part of the frames might well have been driven into my temple, as the side of my head and cheekbone took the brunt of the fall. There is no doubt in my mind that at best I'd be recovering from brain, eye, and facial reconstruction surgury. It isn't a stretch of the imagination to picture a shard of my eyeglasses or a small lump of pavement or construction debris being forced into my temple to leave me a drooling idiot or dead.

Other than my teeth, the rest of my injuries are trivial, at least so far. But I'm very fortunate to have the best dentist in the world. He took a couple hours out of a busy family life to fix me up after hours, and he does damn fine work! Public thanks to Dr. Brian Walsh. Sorry about the graphic pictures, and hope that I didn't upset anyone while drinking their morning coffee. Feel free to show them to anyone you love who thinks they don't need to wear a helmet.

I think you can figure out the before and after.


  1. JESUUUUUS! And then a whole lotta f bombs!!! Mother whacker.... can you hear me squirming from here??

  2. I think I heard Susi just throw up...

  3. No that was yesterday. She MSM'd me asking if I was trying to kill her. She's not going to look at my blog till those pictures are gone.

    I really did try to set it up so that people could be warned, and see them if they wanted, but blogger wouldn't cooperate.

  4. This is Susi's comments, via MSM.

    "lol. those are hilarious.

    i didn't throw up...just held in an internal scream that would shatter the windows of every building downtown and impress the great alfred hitchcock. this was done while hastily trying to hit the wee 'X' in the top right corner of my computer. why do they have to make the 'X' so damn small in situations of emergency?!

    i should add it's really hard to hit the wee 'X' in the top right corner when your eyes are closed.

    You'll have to add that i didn't actually go into the blog to type them...i just told you cause i refuse to enter blog until the pictures have been preceeded by many other posts."


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