Saturday, September 20, 2008

I thought about running today

I really did. It was so beautiful out. Then I realized how tired I still am, and decided not. Just walking around Millarville market had me ready for a nap. And nap I did this afternoon. We got some immunization shots for our vacation travel, and the nurse mentioned these could give some aches and really mild flu-like symptoms. Not like I'd notice....

I'm still tired after the nap. I think it's a chest cold I got, and it's mostly over now, still some coughing, and poor sleep at night. I sent a note into work on Tues or Wed saying I was home sick. That just about made people's day. They said that nobody that knew me, reading that note, could doubt that I was sick. I'm so glad I amuse people.

Dentist appt went well on Friday. Things are healing up as well as can be expected, but the jury is still out on the one tooth. Might need a skin graft. I'll be back in a couple weeks for a followup. My dental hygenist has a wonderfully soft touch, and didn't hurt me at all during cleaning and scaling. She'd seen the photos, heard part of the story from my dentist, but wanted THE DETAILS. I told her I fell off my bike and did a belly flop onto the pavement. She rolled her eyes and said that's what my dentist had said. Reminds me of the time (this was a while ago) I told my Granny that Linda was out of the hospital and doing fine. Two days later a letter arrived from Granny, addressed to Linda, asking for details, and bitterly complaining about the incompetence of men at remembering the simplest details about anything. What's to complain about? I'd given her the important information.

Oh, and my dentist loved the blog comments about the photos and says you're all a bunch of weenies for being squicked out, he has much worse. He grinned when I told him I'd posted a screen shot of the x-ray, and said he'd check it out.

I've got an appointment next Tuesday to see a specialist for my arm. At last! It's beginning to ache more and more. I can't do some of the stuff I used to be able to do. Pulling my wallet out of my right back pocket is so painful (and not because I'm cheap!) I had to start putting it in the left pocket. Cellphone has been in the left pocket for several days now. Even reading the paper today was a bit of an ordeal. Sigh. Typing is becoming a painful process, so it's a good thing I didn't switch to the Dvorak layout.


  1. Hang in there buddy. We are all rooting for you.

    Love the new word "squicked" by the way. :) :)

    Take care, Keith!!!

  2. aww - take care!! Good luck with the arm - it sound slike it needs some extra TLC.


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