Friday, April 4, 2008

swim time trial

1K 19 min and some odd hunderedths.

That was after 250 m warmup, and before a bunch of laps afterward that I didn't count or time. To be honest, I'm somewhat disappointed. It was a solid effort and a pretty good swim overall, but nowhere near a personal best. I wonder if I goofed by doing a warmup, since normally I start timing from the very first lap. And it turns out my first warmup lap was 50 seconds for 50 m, when I was trying to swim slowly, nice and relaxed.

And the number. Sigh. 238. Yes. I thought the scale had been adjusted or something. I'm going to consider it a one week abberation, just like the 233 a couple of weeks ago. That seemed too low at the time, and this seems too high. Maybe my body is playing tricks on me. Must run, course at MRC today and tomorrow, which will make for a short weekend.


  1. Try not too be too hard yourself, Keith. You know you are capable of swimming much faster, and it doesn't count while you are training -- what counts is your race day. This is all prep for that. You are doing great!!!

  2. Julie is right...would rather have a fast swim on race day than in training. Take what you have learned and use it.

  3. You realize that a 19min 100m TT is like my fantasy! Clearly I need to get out more but these gals are right it's all about race day!

  4. don't sweat the small stuff you shark you.

    numbers are just that, numbers. and they will change. have no fear.

    just a note on 'the number' you morph into a lean, mean, shark machine you will replace fat with muscle. at some point your weight may go up, but that doesn't necessarily reflect a negative thing. a good check is how your clothes are feeling.

    if you are still fitting into your 'skinny' clothes, or they are getting more loose - then you are putting on muscle. oh, did i happen to mention that muscle weights 4 times MORE than fat?! uh ya. so there. :P


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