Monday, April 7, 2008

So there I was, when suddenly

I realized I was standing in the lockeroom in my underwear. That part is ok, but I realized I was about to pick up my towel, walk through the shower, and go for my swim. Normally, you see, I put my swim suit on, so I have less changing to do when I get to the pool. You all know that trick. Well, it only works if you actually put your swim suit on. So I showered and went to work. No morning swim. boooo.

But all is not lost. I moved up tomorrow morning's run to tonight. The IGP™ says 45-50 10/2. I walked for a couple of minutes then started a slow run, and gradually picked it up. At first I had trouble running fast enough to get to the top of zone 2. Then I had a bit of trouble finding the right pace, but I settled in after a while. Zone 2 went out the window climbing the hill out of Fish Creek Park, but then, it goes out of zone 2 when I'm walking up that hill. I was tempted to do 5 sets, but I stuck to the plan.

4 x 10/2, which got me to the area marked transition at about 5.5 K, then walked another 15 minutes to get home. My run walk pace was just a hair over 7 Kph. Avg heart rate 119, peak 136, min 91, calories 689. My right calf was a bit tight and I stopped briefly to stretch it about half way through.

Here's the map. My run is counter clockwise on this map.


  1. Hahahaah!! It almost like a dream isn't it? Can you imagine if you hadn't realized you were wearing your panties!! LOL!! Where dreams meet reality ... LOL!!

  2. that is way too funny!!! at least you remembered your knickers though! there was a day at skystone that i walked around holding my hoodie out and trying not to jiggle because i did remember to wear my swimsuit, but i forgot to pack my bra for after! LOL. oh the trials and tribulations eh...

    sounds like you had a great run too!

  3. lol...gauchie boy shoulda hit the pool - that would have cleared a lane faster than any swim nazi!!!

  4. You mean they don't offer skinny dipping lanes in Calgary...?


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