Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Started ok, then got slow, really fast. Gave up after 500 m. Into the dive tank for 20 minutes doing core and stretching. It was nice that one of the guys I see regular came over to ask if I was ok. He normally can't keep up. Gonna take a break for a day or two and recharge my batteries.


  1. Its good to recharge the batteries from time to time.

  2. Keith -- I swear we are cosmically connected. I just wrote my blog entry as to my terrible swim yesterday too. Could it be that a little shark is awakening inside of me? :) :)

  3. definitely sounds like you need a few days off from all this tri stuff. i'm a firm believer of this! shannon is right, recharge the batteries.

    lots of choices of other things to do....sit, blow glass, take linda dancing, walk around the park, meditate.... it's all good!!

  4. as chuck says - a change is as good as a rest - PLUS - you should rest a little bit before your next breakthru!!


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