Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wed swim

I had a lane to myself at FOMC today. Astonishing. At least it started out that way, then I got other people joining in. But they either kept up or got out of the way, which is nice. I wasn't trying to swim hard, or swim easy, just going at the pace that felt comfortable. As I was walking out to the car, into a beautiful sunny day, I realized I'd had a nice solid workout, and for a few steps, felt like going for a run. But that passed quickly.

2K 39:12.

The first 500 m was sluggish. When the others joined in I picked up the pace a bit. The first K was 19:20 or so, and 1.5K was 29:02. For a while I was on track for a sub 39 2K, but really slowed down in the last 500 m or so. I ended up thinking about my 1000 m time trial on Friday, and planning how to approach that, how much warm up to do, how fierce a lane Nazi to recruit to keep the riff raff out of my lane, wondering if I could get K or J here to swim in the next lane at a nice easy (for them) 18:30 pace, ect. So instead of channeling the shark, I got the frigging gerbil. That better not happen on Friday is all I can say!


  1. booo gerbil!!! Good time for a 2k swim - i love how the urge to run passed on the walk to the car - so very true how fleeting moments of absolute "drive" can pass so quickly

  2. HEY!!! The gerbil works his wee butt off, so no dissin the gerbil!!

    He just has shorter, more stout body than the shark is all. Hmpff.

    And yes, excellent swim time. I only wish I could do that!

  3. Channel the shark, but for heaven's sakes, don't channel the clock-stopping-and-other-electronic-device-stopping monster!! LOL!! Hahahaha! Awesome swim by the way -- glad to hear you are starting to experience an idiot-free lane!! LOL!!


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