Saturday, October 17, 2020

Reflections on New Zealand

 The local seniors group in my community association asked me to come to one of their lunches and show them photos of New Zealand. Of course I was happy to do that. You can make any photographer happy by asking to see their best work.

The problem is that they've given me 30 to 45 minutes and I have more than 15,000 photos from the 3 months we spent there. (And yes, I would go back in a heartbeat if allowed.) I boiled it down to 150 photos fairly easily, picking a cross section of photos, but not including the close up driftwood photos. I have to admit I really enjoyed going through them. It sparked many happy memories. 

But there's another thought as well, driven by a couple of events. Digital media is fragile. I knew that, but the hard drive enclosure failure rubbed my nose in it. You need a computer to see the images. My buddy Sean dropped me off after a walk in Fish Creek and stayed for a drink. He just happened to have several of the books he's done. Leafing through a book of good photos, on a patio, during a sunny day, while chatting with a friend over a drink is a lovely experience. Displaying the photos on the Cube didn't go as hoped, but I'm going to have another go. But books are much easier. You can hand anyone a book, and they can take as much or little time on each photo as they like. Properly done, photos in a book can be superb quality. It leads me to think about creating some books of my work. I've been making lists of topics. It quickly got longer than I expected. Hmmmm. Anything you'd like to see a book of? Any suggestions?

Back to my senior's group the photo selection. After getting down to the 150 photos, the going gets tough. I've weeded out some of the near duplicates and weaker photos, and still selecting. Here's the current selection.

Decisions decisions.

Of the Day
Celina and serendipity from Johnston Canyon July 2017. 

The last surviving dahlia was a bit of a surprise. All the other dahlias in the same pot had wilted from the cold.

White peony


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  1. So what is the story you are going to tell? If you haven't already presented, please let me know when your presenting. It would be interesting to see your top photos really large. Good Luck! Cheers, Sean


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