Sunday, February 17, 2019

First art deco parade images

There are many photos. The parade had a max of 300 cars, and I'm assuming if they had to put a limit on, there were that many. I think I've got at least one photo of each. Plus, as I mentioned, motor and pedal bikes. There were some vintage aircraft in a separate display at the airport. I suppose you can't taxi them down the main street.

Here's some of the first images that caught my editing eye. These Rolls Royce cars are almost beyond the description 'car'. I drooled every time I saw them.

There had to be one of these. Pity I didn't get photos of him getting on it, though I've seen a video of how it's done.

Look at the grin on that guy in the passenger seat!

My first time seeing a P51D up close.

We were walking home yesterday after the various events, and I saw her driving by, just had to take some quick photos. She waved. I often saw her driving around, sometimes with passengers, sometimes not. For all I know she's trying to remember what she needs to pick up on the way home after a busy day.

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