Friday, February 1, 2019

Awash and aloft

Remember that sunrise from the other morning? Here's another from the same sunrise, just a little earlier. It really was that purply pink on the water. Now I'm waiting for the sunset tonight. The clouds are promising.

What a wonderful day! The Lyttelton Farmers Market is amazing! The vibe is terrific, the quality of all the products is as high as I've ever seen, and everybody seemed to be having a good time. It was busy without being a crush. Various smells washed over us, tempting us. A bumbleberry crumble reached out and reeled me in. Had we been here longer, and not had an airline flight in a few days, we would have bought lots more.

There's healthy stuff like fruit and veg, sweet treats, bread and bread stuff, sausage of various kinds, oils, sauces, and lots more. Pies! If Simple Simon tried to set up business here they'd be laughed off the island.

Linda is all excited by this chile flavour salad dressing. Full of yummy goodness, GF, organic, and who knows what else all.

One live musician (Didgera) was playing a didgeridoo, and two different modified sax, plus some (I think) electronic computerized stuff to create a hypnotic groove. A little further down there was an earnest singer guitar player, and at the other end some buskers were set up, but I don't think they were part of the market proper.

I talked to a photographer for a while, though that website is down temporarily. He gave me some great ideas for photo locations near here, if only I have the time. He was part of the arts and crafts part of the market. I've already begun to plan my next trip already.

Then a tourist thing, up the gondola. Pity there was a bit of a haze over the city, but it's still a great view. We walked along the ridge a bit, being very careful. The footing is tricky even on the paths, and out in the tussocky long grass it's really brutal.

There's practically a tower on every hill.

A tank farm even, to service the petroleum industry. I wonder if I could get a job there, and never have to worry about a polar vortex again. The problem is that this very harbour is where the epicenter of the Christchurch earthquake happened. They are still fixing things.

I think this is the city centre. It's hard to tell because of the haze.

And a panorama. We can see part of this bay from our deck, but the place we are staying is out of sight behind that hill on the right.

Two wonderful meals, sitting on the deck in the warm sunshine, looking over the bay. Life is good.


  1. sigh. It looks so beautiful there. Would love to go someday. That market looks fabulous!!

  2. Besides the pink, I have always enjoyed the way boats line up with the tide. Cheers, Sean


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