Friday, December 21, 2018

Two of a park at night

Last night was a beers and camera meet up. I don't often attend these, but it's one way of getting out in the evening, with a chance of running into some existing buddies, and making some new ones. Both happened, which is nice.

Normally the plan is to meet up for beer and food at one place, walk and take photos on the way to the next place, then have more beer. It all started well. However the second place was a complete gong show. It was full, and loud, and other than our group, everyone in there could have been my grandchild. It's essentially a video game arcade that serves booze. Did I mention it was really really loud?

Cam and I bailed out and strolled west towards the light sculpture on 13th Ave. I'd never seen it at night. It's kind of cool, but it doesn't photograph well up close (for me, at least), and the graffiti doesn't help. A bit of a distance is fine though. Look carefully at the bottom photo, just between the tall buildings.

One of the fun things about shooting at night is that the camera can see things that our eyes can't. So for us, the sky looks dark. But taking long exposure shots lets you see what the sky looks like. I like it when the clouds emphasize something.

Here's another view of the park. Last I was in it, I was having a picnic lunch with a friend. It was much warmer and not as colourful.

There's other photos of the ramble on the way.

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  1. I really enjoy the different window colours on the centre apartment building. Cheers, Sean


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