Friday, May 25, 2018

Theme? What theme?

One of my photo buddies (Hi Sean, and there is a link to his blog in my blog roll.) and I have several times had discussions about groups of photos. There is such a set currently at the top of his blog, I include the link because when you are reading this a few days or weeks or months or years from now it will no longer be at the top.

His collection (go look, I'll wait till you get back) is clearly a related set. I am still struggling with individual photos, and the idea of a group of photos carefully chosen to tell a story, or to create links between them merely by their juxtaposition kind of baffles me.

This grouping happens to be taken all in a row, though at much different times of the day, on different days, even, I think. They happen to be between two other photos that made it to the blog, and I felt the need to fill in. So you get 6 more or less random photos. They aren't even all flowers, though they are all colourful.

I've no idea if they tell a story, or they gain meaning from each other. Maybe putting them together is detracting from admiring a single one. I never know these things, and make it up as I go along.

Anyone care to guess what the red one is? I am really quite taken with one of the photos, and it is in contention for image of the month. You could guess which that one is as well.

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