Sunday, May 6, 2018

Another drab to fab

So there I was yesterday, lounged back in a patio chair with a coffee, reading over what I'd just written. Some of you might remember the photo of the garden and the camera on facebook yesterday. Nothing has been done to it this year, mainly because a week ago it was still a glacier, and the ground is still thawing. Still, some plants are beginning to poke their heads out. (A few expletive deleted lily beetles too.)

Then I started seeing how the light was falling on the garden, and I was there grabbing some shots. I was really pleased how these three turned out. For once I could see the shot, get the shot, and have it all turn out on the computer screen. One of these is in the running for image of the month. Tell me which you think it is.

That green glow, topped off by the bit of dead material that was bright gold, caught my eye first.

The red caught my eye next. That leaf is maybe an inch or so across, and mostly buried in other leaves, but the light was just right.

Then whatever these are, if you look closely there's some white fuzz clearly showing up on some of the central plants, contrasting with the dark brown material underneath. I was thinking they were like totem poles, either mutated or dilapidated from age. Or maybe gargoyles scrambling up a pole to escape a predator. Then there's the background. Oh my! This is one of the first times I've seen an artistic effect and had the camera capture it. I love how that bush transforms itself into a painted radiating streamer effect. You are only seeing the web version, the full sized version is amazing!

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  1. The translucent red leaf is good but photo number 3 has my vote. I really enjoy the painterly quality. Cheers, Sean


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