Friday, February 24, 2017

Photo shoes

I need to get out more. Last night there was an art show in an unlikely location, the Strides store on Canyon Meadows. Neil Zeller was showing off some of his work, joined by Chris Molloy.

It's always nice to catch up to Neil and see what he's got on the go. Lots. Every time I go to one of his shows I get introduced to more photo people. I'd never met Chris before, and we had a great chat about his work, and about photography in general.

The ostensible point of going was to buy new running shoes. The current ones are up to about 350 K, and are starting to show it. I like to get another pair before the current pair completely die. These new ones will be indoor at the Repsol track till the weather gets nice, and I'll probably run the June half marathon in them.

Of course, the photographer in me now looks at that iPhone shot that I would have been happy with a few months ago, and notes that the whites are blown out. Still, for complicated reasons I wanted the shoes in the blog, so I could put the new shoes tag on it, and didn't want to use the good camera, and then go through the workflow to get a photo.

You're wondering about that first photo. Come on, admit it. That's from Fish Creek a couple weeks ago. As I write it's snowing again, but I'm still thinking of going to see what's nice to shoot. I'd been thinking of going out for a sunrise shot, but slept in a bit, and now I'm glad I didn't go.

Just now I've got some novel ideas, and I've got Curtis lounging on my desk, encouraging me. He's a very literary cat, wanting me to express my thoughts, so I can get to the important business of cuddling him. Sometimes he reaches out to use the trackpad or keyboard himself. He takes up a lot of desk.

Celina, of course, has to get in on the action as well. She specializes in providing adversity for me to overcome, as an actuality for character metaphor. Her actual advice is usually verbal, expressed in the cat imperative tone they are so good at.

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