Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hi-ho, hi-ho

You know how the rest of the song goes. Except you don't. It's "Home from work we go." Which I'm doing again. Going to and from work again. The gig is 3 days a week, or so, and going till June, or so. I'm getting into the data and manually joining up some data while someone else finishes building an automated xl. This batch of stuff doesn't quite follow the rules, so it needs a human touch. Then things should go much quicker.

The best part is they've already automated the hard part, taking a normal xl data file, and translating it into the peculiar structure it needs to be in to be loaded to Maximo. I'm getting my head back into xl again. I love INDEX MATCH.

That's enough of work. Once I get settled in I'll be able to get caught up with downtown work buddies again. Some of them have probably already forgotten about me.

Even if I'd been home, I'm not sure I'd be out taking photos. It's been brutally cold here the last couple day, and lots more snow. Not like the almost 3 feet my cousins in Chilliwack have mentioned to me, but lots for Calgary.

It does make things very pretty, especially in the snowy light we had during the weekend photowalk in Fish Creek. This is actually a vertical panorama. I couldn't quite get it all in one shot, and wanted the path on the creek leading into the shot and curving around to the left, then the layer of trees, then the layer of rock, and more trees.

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