Sunday, January 26, 2014

Those hips!

Today the woman that runs the yoga studio we go to put on a hips workshop. There was a bit of nomenclature, with some diagrams, and lots of long muscle and bone names. I didn't remember any of it. To be honest, it wasn't what you'd call the most dynamic presentation ever. I was sitting behind her, and could see her pointing to the laptop screen as she talked about various things. The problem is that we couldn't see what she was pointing to. She needs a laser pointer or something.

What I remember from the workshop was the moans and groans of the participants. It wasn't quite the level of of a porn soundtrack, but parts of it weren't far off. That's what you get balancing your body on a hard ball grinding into tender tissue. It was all very good, and well worth it.

Before that was a hard spin session for an hour. After a bit of warmup I pushed it harder and harder, for shorter and shorter intervals. That all felt really good and sweaty, with some stretching after.

So far, this marathon training thing is going well. My legs don't feel tired. In fact after yesterday's run I was thinking I could have run much further. But that's what the plan says, that at the beginning it seems like you can do more. Don't. It piles up quick enough.

I'm musing aout where this weekend disappeared to so quickly. A run, a spin session, a yoga workshop, some puttering to start a new wine kit, some novel stuff, a bit of shopping, and boom, the weekend is done.

Oh, and a nice sunrise photo this morning! It was interesting to watch the clouds scudding overhead, and I think something odd was happening because the ripply red light disappeared as the clouds moved, along a nice line. No idea what was happening there.


  1. I agree, the weekend flew by!! And really nothing to show for it!! Love your sky pictures - the colors are amazing!

  2. Sounds as if you're getting good advice re marathon training, Keith. It's absolutely best to build slowly so your body has time to catch up.

    And, yes, the weekend flew by for me too. Read half your draft on Saturday but had no time to get back to it yesterday because I was busy photographing my folks' house for them. (They want to try to sell it privately and needed photos for the ads.) Will try to finish up early this week and get my few comments off to you. As I already mentioned, I'm enjoying the read...intrigued to see where it will go in the second half. Stay tuned...


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