Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Overdressed to underdressed in 30 minutes

Mostly when I start a run, I start by feeling a bit cool, then warm up as the run goes on. Today was one of those days in Calgary. It was quite warm, maybe -3 when I left work. It was maybe -5 to -8 when I got home, and about the same when I headed out for a run. It then got colder and windier. As the run went on, the fog thickened under the traffic lights. It was probably -15 with a wind when I got back, feeling distinctly chilled.

The run started feeling kind of clunky. I think I'm going to have to do something about my chair at work. My knees stiffen up, even though I'm getting up fairly often. The first K was slow, but my legs gradually warmed up. I think this is what Katie meant when she talked about gradually increasing speed. First time I've ever done it.

I was having a bit of a wireless adventure today. I was working last night when I went to bed, and wasn't this morning. Trying various restarts this morning didn't work. Putzing around with it for a while after work did the trick, but I don't know what I did that 'fixed' it.

Does anyone have good suggestions for marathon training books? I'm looking for something between "So you just started running and want to do a marathon, you fool", and "So you want to BQ". Not just a training plan, but all the other stuff that goes into a marathon. Thank you!

Time for bed. This marathon training is hard sledding.


  1. I like Jeff Galloway's MARATHON - YOU CAN DO IT! It's got lots of information on running and nutrition and a slew of different programs for marathon training. I'm looking forward to seeing what your other readers suggest :)

    Yay for computers, eh?

  2. For $40 the 16 week Running Room clinic is one of the best bang for your buck with 1. clinic night (guest speakers, motivation, nutrition, hydration, clothing, etc), 2. hill training/speedwork Wednesday night, and 3. Long Slow group run on Sundays. It works out to $4.00 per class or something crazy like that. Great for a "first" if the times work for you. Lest I start to sound like a Running Room commercial, I also have a little something for you to read. I'll get that to you.

  3. When I first started running I really got a lot out of Jeff Galloway's book. I had his Book on Running and Marathon - You Can Do It. He also has training programs online. Another fellow I really like is Hal Higdon as I much prefer that his training program tops out at 20 miles instead of 26 as per Galloway. I don't think I read any of his books but Higdon also has several training programs online.


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