Sunday, August 18, 2013

A patio novel day, or

Or I'm going to regret those Riesling labels, I just know it.

It's summer out here. So nice on the patio, sitting and writing.

Not once (though with coffee and a wonderful cinnamon bun).

Not twice (with a big glass of juice)

But three times (with a glass of wine) I was out on the patio working on my novel.

The problem with being a pantster is that as I was brainstorming endings (I came up with 6), and working on outline, I got this great scene in my mind involving a bunch of the operators out at common Calgary summer activity, where all sorts of shenanigans happen. Like what often happens at this activity in real life, in the book some relationships are, shall we say, tested.

And then I thought of a great scene leading into that one, that builds into the ending I like best. Tension building and all that good stuff. Pounded 2,000 words into Scrivener today for that lead in scene, in addition to everything scribbled into the note book.

So that's been a good day. I could get used to that. It's probably good I don't have a lap top, because I might not ever have left the patio all day. While drinking, and writing, and making notes the last time, one of my neighbours dropped by to chat.

In the breaks between writing I managed to bottle the last wine kit of the season. This is a Riesling, a bit tart out of the carboy, but that's not a surprise. The problem is going to be the label, I think. It's old school, using a peel off backing. I suspect it's going to be horrible to get off.

Curtis hopped into the sink as I was putting things away after finishing all the wine stuff. He likes it there, even after I ran the hose a little to rinse my fingers. I managed to get this shot of him licking at the drops coming out of the hose. Lest you think we are cruel to them, they have a bowl of water refreshed daily.

Later in the afternoon I came upstairs to find this. How could I not take a picture?

Then I BBQed some chicken legs in a specialty Linda sauce. Chocolate ice cream and fresh raspberries are tres-wonderful when eaten on the patio, on a nice summer day. Pity about this day job thing happening tomorrow morning.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend, Keith. And I love the pic of your puds. Ours would never snuggle together like that. The older one's far too grumpy. Hope going back to work wasn't too painful.


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