Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sorry injured bloggers,

But I had a great run tonight, one that I was hardly expecting. My legs felt a bit heavy, and it was blustery and cool out. Once I got home it started to warm up a bit and the sky started to clear. It was just above freezing and I nailed the clothing perfectly. I was neither too warm or too cold.

After a bit of a slog getting started I found a stride and settled in at a low aerobic pace that felt effortless. The sound was turned down on my phone so I couldn't hear the splits but I didn't care. My form felt good, my feet and legs felt light and happy, my lungs weren't working too hard, and the weather was beautiful. What more could I ask for? Ran 5 K in just under 35 minutes, with the first K being really slow, and the rest about 6:45. I could have gone on much longer. This is as close as I've come to that mythical "runner's high".

The best part of it? Coming into the house afterward to the smell of warm chocolate cookies. Which reminds me that one person at work today deliberately took their lunch when I was nuking mine (lamb stew that was awesome!), just to get an up close sniff of what I was eating. She's been going the other way a few times as I leave with hot lunch, and says it makes her hungry. I think I'm going to have to start registering people for an official Linda stalker organization.

The iPad dictation feature is lots of fun to play with. I've been doing some tweets and status updates with it in addition to blog rough drafts. Pity I can't get it on my phone. Has anyone bought the Paper by 53 app? Any suggestions about drawing apps?


  1. First of all, I covet your cookies.

    Secondly, I am not technologically advanced enough to own, nor willing to put the money into, any Apple products. I JUST got an updated phone (the cheapest Blackberry available) to replace my phone from early 2008 that was causing me relentless mocking. I don't have data. Or BB messenger. So I have no knowledge of apps. At all. I'm brutal.

    Third (thirdly?), glad you had a great run and got the clothing in the zone. I'm always layering (for everything) and find I am STILL always too cold, or sweating my non-existent balls off. Pardon my language.


  2. I covet the cookies too. They are good for breakfast. Linda's phone is from 2004 or so. It probably has less than an hour of talk time on it. Dressing for runs is a real art here, what with the weather swings. Language is just words. Say it like it is.


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