Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yoga breathing

After the big day in the life on Monday, I took it easy Tuesday, till my new massage therapist showed up and pummeled me for a while. That was good, working on my left shoulder mainly, but a bit of both calves too.

The energy audit guy showed up during the late afternoon. As expected, the big news was the need to replace the furnace. This was not a surprise and will be happening early next week. That the 3 outside man doors leak badly was no surprise either. One has warped, one is not square since we thing the house settled a little bit, and the most sheltered one is where they put the exhaust fan. He pointed out several other things we can do, and we get the full report in a couple weeks. This is all in aid of getting some government rebates that cover part of the cost of the audit, and a bit over 10% of the cost of a new furnace. Which, since we had to do it anyway fairly soon, is a good deal.

If I'd been ambitious I would have gone for a run after work today. But I was feeling kind of blah most of the day. I moved offices again. This is my 4th one since starting mid February. Fortunately I don't have much to move. My office roomie and me don't like this office as much. We used to have a sliver view of the mountains, now we get a concrete wall from the next building. Plus we think the lighting is a slightly different colour, or darker, or something. Perhaps in time we will settle in. At least the rest of our immediate team is all together now.

Yoga class was interesting. Most of the time my breathing has nothing whatever to do with whatever it is that we are doing. I'm usually panting a little bit. Sometimes a lot. Tonight, during a kneeling lunge thing, where you breath in, lunge the one leg forward, spread the arms open and do a bit of a back arch, I found I was actually breathing in time with the motion. Slowly. Relaxing. Peaceful. Except for my knees not liking when I kneel on them, I could have done that for a while. Maybe I'm beginning to get the hang of this yoga thing.

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  1. We have ordered new windows. good bye winter vacation..hello new!
    And I have not done a snatch yet...but thanks for asking!! So far we have hardly touched the weights, its all been body weight stuff...
    I can't publish any of my blog posts for some thinking of starting a new blog...will keep you updated...cause I would love to hear your comments!!!


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