Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spin Studio

The new furnace is all installed, which means I could put my little fitness area back together again. You can see Estela all set up and ready to go. My old computer is up and running, ready to play a video. There is an iPod player between the keyboard and monitor. You can just see the corner of the interlocking floor tile I put my yoga mat on.

Even better, I rode, while watching Sanctuary. I wasn't so impressed with these two episodes. 1.25 hours, mostly easy spin, but also doing some work to figure out where the top end of my aerobic range is. Then some stretching after.

Even knowing what this photo is, and how I did it, I'm surprised at how it turned out. Not at all what I expected. I'll give you a hint, I was in my office at work. Anybody want to speculate?

Thanks for your kind words about the sunrise photos. It's not like I did anything special. I just leaned out the car window and fired away.

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  1. I have no idea what you were trying to take a picture of... It turned out pretty neat though!


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