Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some new stuff

Today was not the day for a day in the life. I've been tagged, but today is not typical. I bought stuff. That's rare for me.

Normally Saturday morning is an easy wake up, reading the papers and drinking coffee and petting the cat. But today we were out of the house and heading up to the far NW to visit Bow Cycle. I've decided the time has come to get a better bike trainer, one that has a power meter. After some shopping around I decided on a Tacx Flow. I couldn't justify the extra cost for a Bushido because it really needs a computer for the video display.

I managed not to look at any of the bikes, but you'll note I didn't go into Speed Theory. Their website says they've got an Orbea Ordu for an amazing sale price. If I actually saw it, I might be tempted.

Assembling the trainer was a bit interesting because there was no assembly instructions at all. I ended up finding some on line, and just as well, it was not obvious how it goes together.

With any luck tomorrow will be nice enough to ride outside. If so it will be the last time for me. I'll put the trainer tire on and get the trainer computer all set up. I've got KBRCC starting next Sunday!

I've also got a used trainer for sale, a CycleOps, basic model.

I've never really been happy with the latest New Balance shoes, the 980 or something. I'd really liked the ones I had before that, the 767, so the 980's were a real disappointment. They were heavy and somehow they made me want to run on my heels. They got beyond filthy at the trail run, and I decided it wasn't worth trying to clean them.

So here are the new ones.

Brooks Adrenaline. I took them out for a nice 5 K run this afternoon. They feel very light and comfortable on my feet. Much better than the last ones. This 5K was 31:30, not working too hard, mainly just checking out my legs to see what they think. No complaints.

I tried Fitness Depot for a scale to read weight and body fat, but they didn't have the Tanita. There was an el cheapo that didn't work right. Looks like I'll have to order on line.

In between stuff I'm watching the Big Dance. Chrissie is now in second, and Mirinda is maybe 5 minutes back. This is shaping up to be good! So far my peeps seem to be doing well in the heat.

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  1. Did you find a place to buy a scale at? I'd like to get one of the fancy pants Tanita scales that DCRainmaker has reviewed but I haven't found a Canadian distributor yet. Since the dealer in the US ships via UPS I am scared of the possible duty charges since UPS is the worst!


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