Monday, May 2, 2011

Election night ride

It was nice today, very nice. Right after getting home I hopped on my bike for an easy spin around the neighbourhood. Riding past several polling stations I was gratified to see lots of cars and people. I am hopeful that the slide in voter turnout will be reversed.

The ride was an hour of easy spin, just getting my legs going around. There were a few minutes of knee ache, but it passed. I was a little bit underdressed. The temperature was dropping during the ride and the wind was picking up. But it all worked out well.

We've got a Conservative majority government, which disappoints me. The NDP have made a HUGE gain in seats. They are now the official opposition. At least we won't have an election for at least 4 years. Lets see if we recognize Canada in 4 years.


  1. Sorry buddy, I am ecstatic that the Conservatives won! It was awesome that people VOTED. People cared. That is very good news.


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