Saturday, March 5, 2011

Relaxed shoulders are hard when it's cool out

Seems like every other step I was noticing my shoulders were trying to help out by keeping my ears warm. But I was wearing a cap, a toque, and a hood. Plus two scarves. So my ears were warm, but it's an old habit to scrunch up your shoulders when you think it's cold out. Which it isn't, not particularly. I realize some of my audience are unworldly enough (even if they do read Shakespeare) to not understand the C means temperature for all but 3 minor countries in the world. -18 C is easy, that's 0 F and -26 C is -15 F.

Started with a half hour of leg exercises and core. Then spent almost that long getting dressed. Shoes, socks, 2 pair tights, 2 long sleeved tech shirts, a heavy hoodie, a wind breaker, gloves, and the afore mentioned 2 scarves, a hat, a cap. I was actually just a little on the warm side.

Ran 1 hour steady, then another 5 minutes easy to cool down. One nice thing about running in weather like this is there aren't many people out on the path. But the ones that are out are totally oblivious. Jerks. Footing is good.

Stretched a bit more after. Legs are feeling pretty good, though they've been a bit cranky since yoga. This sitting in a poor chair at work isn't so good either. I might have to talk to them about swapping it out for another one.


  1. After my blog from yesterday, I'm making a point to support others blogs.

    I don't think it's the cold of this day, I think it's the cumulative effect of a really cold winter. Back in Sask it would be about April 15th that everyones muscles tend to relax...

  2. Wow, you are brave for battling those temps. Thanks for the conversion, I always get mixed up when you are talking about numbers in the negatives.


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