Sunday, March 27, 2011

I was bad last night

Very bad. We got the complete second season of Leverage out of the library. It's a delightful show about a group of 5 con artists who try to correct the wrongs done by the rich and powerful. The interaction between the characters is great, the stories are mostly pretty good, and it's all quite well done.

The being bad part was watching the first two discs last night, while drinking a bottle of wine, while eating a whole sleeve of stone wheat crackers with Jalepeno Havarti cheese. All of those go together really well, as long as Amelia the cat can be kept out of the crackers. I went to bed about 2:30, which is very, very late for me.

It was snowing hard when I went to bed, and by the time I got up there was more than a cm of snow. And foggy. The roads did not look like any fun at all.

Eventually I got on my bike. Even though I think yesterday's run was the furthest I've run at once since IMC last fall, my legs felt pretty good. They weren't even unhappy about getting on the bike. It only took about 15 minutes to warm up. From there I settled into 90 rpm in the second biggest gear on the big ring for 25 minutes. My breathing was good, heart rate was mid 120's, but I was sweating like a stuck pig. It felt good. My knee felt good. Then a few minutes easy, then 5 in the next harder gear. Then a few minutes easy, and 5 in the next harder gear, done 2 sit, 1 stand, 2 sit. The rpm's were dropping a bit, but my knee felt strong. After that I did a bit of easy spin, and some drill spin where I focussed on one leg at a time, and some spin ups. I did a bit more of a cool down than I normally would if I were going for a run.

The sidewalks and streets weren't terribly good so I ran very carefully, and essentially stopped as soon as my legs had come around. Which didn't take very long, 15 minutes tops. They feel really good now.

Weekly Summary
Swim 2.0 hrs
Bike 2.0 hrs
Run 1.5 hrs
Total Cardio 5.5 hrs
Core 2.5 hrs

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  1. I like Leverage - mostly because of Timothy Hutton. Good actor.

    Wait. Stuck pigs sweat in Kanadia? Here in Amurka, they bleed. Which is why we try not to make a practice of sticking them. (At least not in that literal sense. But what goes on between a man and a consenting pig? Who am I to judge? I'm not the pig sex police. (I tried. No openings.))


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