Friday, March 18, 2011

I didn't forget how to swim!

Amelia the alarm clock cat did her thing again this morning. I had lots of time to get up, have some orange juice and a banana, and be at the pool for 5:25. Already there were people waiting in the lobby. I was a bit nervous about it, since I haven't swim for almost 2 weeks. Amazing, after swimming almost every day for several months on end.

I started easy, saying to myself that I wasn't going to look at my pace, and that I was just going to think about my stroke and water feel. It wasn't as bad as I feared, but it took about 500 m before I was feeling anything like normal, and I think I was still a bit slow. I took a full K to warm up. Then into some kick and pull drills. I swam two fast 100's, one in 90 seconds and that felt SUPER! The other one was a bit slower but I had caught up to my lane mate and I had no idea how far into that cloud of bubbles he really was, or where the other girl in the lane was. Swam a little more easy and relaxed.

Ended up swimming an hour, feeling fairly good about the whole thing. Stretched after. In a little bit I'll go downstairs and do my leg exercises. I'm hoping I can get out for a run tomorrow before it snows. Again. Or so they say. Only 5 cm (2 inches) so nothing to get worked up about.

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  1. I thought swimming was like riding a never forget :-)

    I am cold just looking at that forecast. brrrrr


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