Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 Ways I break the Rules

But then it always was. Still, I'm feeling a bit heavy these days. Sigh. Got back on the bike for 45 minutes mostly easy spin. Took a long time to get warmed up, and never did feel strong. Lots of twingy feelings in my knees and calves. Then 15 minutes leg exercises. Must get back to being more regular about it in spite of work and trying to get stuff done after work.

I got tagged. So here goes.
Firstly, I have to say that I don't break the rules. I'm a married man, after all. We do what we're told, at least if we know what's good for us.

1. I don't play with my cat enough. That's probably why she wakes us up in the morning well before we want to get up.
2. I don't buy into our whole consumerist TV watching culture. I get the things that please me, and work enough to be comfortable. I don't aspire to build my career. I don't want to go up the ladder. I plan to schedule my work the way most people schedule their vacations.
3. I will not willingly create, or watch a Powerpoint presentation. ppt is the mark of the devil.
4. I decline meeting requests unless they come with an agenda and some really clear purpose for my attending.
5. I eat what I feel like eating, when I feel like eating it. Which means two entirely different things depending on if I'm home alone or not.
6. I don't care what the traffic signals say, if it's safe to walk, I will. Jaywalking is just fine with me.
7. I don't properly leverage my social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and blog) to market myself.
8. I haven't donated much $ to charity lately.
9. We never, ever water or fertilize the lawn. That makes it grow, which means (eventually) having to cut it. I don't care how brown it gets or how scraggely it looks. Nor do I make any special efforts to repress the weeds. My very, very neat Chinese neighbour despairs of me, I'm sure.
10. I ride faster than the 20 Kph speed limit on the bike path. Much faster.

Consider yourself tagged.


  1. I love it. Thanks for following the rules and writing about how you don't follow the rules.

  2. Awesome!!

    Our cat does the same thing. We try to make sure his bowl is full before going to bed so as to prevent him from annoying us too much.

    I love how you don't accept meeting requests unless there is an agenda!! Do you accept even if you don't like what's on the agenda?


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