Tuesday, September 23, 2008

good news, bad news

Well, the good news is that they don't have to put me down, or amputate.

The bad news is that there is no new wonder operation with a squirt of magic glue to put it all back together again and take away the pain.

So for the next 4 weeks the bone will heal. My part in this will be to gently work on range of motion, drink lots of milk, take multivitamins, and try like hell not to hurt myself. That's an interesting thing, because I'm good up to a point, then sudden painful failure. Then for months after that, the bone will continue to harden, and the soft tissues will continue to heal.

Swimming will be right out for a while. Biking on the trainer is ok, provided I'm careful getting on and off. And getting Estela in and out of the car. Running should be good, providing I don't jar anything, or fall over, or run into anything. Some yoga is probably ok, but downward dog, for example, is going to be totally effing right out for months. Just the thought has me whimpering here.


  1. you have a great attitude about all of this my friend! that's about the only thing you will need to tackle such a situation. well, that and humour, of which you also have an abundance.

    i really like that you are looking at all the different options to keep moving forward while you heal. good on ya.

    big hugs.

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  3. I really appreciate the fact you accept what is and continue to move forward - instead of letting it hold you back. Truly an admirable quality.

  4. you just do what you can to keep making some type of progress and it will all come together for you... baby steps... it's about progress not perfection.

  5. You have a great attitude, Keith. 4 weeks isn't all that long. At least it happened in the off season -- you can concentrate on healing without the added stress of worrying about upcoming races.

    One thing I've learned from injuries and apparent setbacks -- you come back stronger.

    I agree with what Susi, Shannon, and Jenna have said too. You have a fabulous sense of humour. You will persevere and beat this!

  6. Too bad to hear, but keep up the will and exercising your alternatives! No pun intended.


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