Sunday, September 7, 2008

BBQ and ow!!! followup

Last night was the long awaited Team Legend BBQ. Greg brought lots of beer and burgers, and helped me drag the BBQ out to the patio. The beer was put into a cooler under some ice, then people, salads, and desserts started arriving. Yum! Lots of people here, lots of stories about the various ironman races, lots of people getting caught up other stuff that's been happening. We did get a photo of everybody, look for that on Greg's blog. Everybody seemed to be having a good time.

Even me, unable to drink because of the steady supply of Tylenol in my system. Even me, having to eat really, really carefully and all of it looking so good. Yes, Julie and Susi and Greg, I iced the elbow before going to bed, and again this morning, and will do it more later. Slept really well last night. Lots of general achiness and creakyness, but more range of motion in my right arm, and my mouth hurts less than it did. Brushing teeth left-handed while trying to touch the 4 four top teeth as gently as possible is a good trick.

Bike helmet is garbage. No cracks I can see, but an amazing scrape just above my left temple. See photo below for those that didn't see it last night. The hybrid seems ok, but from where the hand grips are ripped, the smashed bell, and the scratched up bike computer, I think the bike was right upside down for at least when it landed. My water bottle was found 10 feet away. I'm still not sure what actually happened. Still, things are healing up, and I'm feeling better. Thanks for all the good wishes!


  1. julie and i were wondering if you'd iced your darn elbow yet?! glad to see you have. keep icing it!!

    thanks again to you and linda for hosting a great evening! it was a blast and, of course, always great to see you guys again!!


  2. It's a good thing you iced that elbow! If you hadn't, I was going to drive back to Calgary and FORCE you too!!!

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great party! Sorry to have missed it

    Keep the ice on!!

  4. Oww!! Glad to hear you are ok but I can almost feel your throbbing body from here (that sounds sex related but I don't mean it that way Linda). Take care and be careful out there!!!

  5. Hi Keith,

    Thanks again for your hospitality and for the wine. :)

    Sorry to read that you sustained so much damage from the crash. I hope you're feeling better soon!



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