Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm as ready as I'll ever be...

The checklist is complete. The only things left to go in the car is me and things that are in the fridge overnight. Estela is nice and clean and ready to go. It's supposed to be hot (26 or 27) and mainly cloudy, so I've got lots of sunscreen. We found some corporate swag that Linda got. It's an insulated lunch bag. So I'm going to put a litre of chocolate milk in it, and a bike bottle of energy drink, and top it up with ice. That will sit in or near my tote. The energy drink is for the run, and the chocolate is for after, and the ice if any is left, is for whenever and where ever. Jenna, what is that recovery drink you gave me called? I looked around for it, but didn't see anything I recognized.

Before I put stuff in the tote, I laid it all out the way I will in transition, and walked through it. Putting down swim stuff, putting on glasess, tightening lanyard, drying feet, putting on bike shorts, putting on socks and bike shoes. SUNSCREEN!! Helmet, gloves, and away! I've got two bike bottles of energy drink and one of water for the ride, plus 4 Cliffs bars. At the aid stations they'll give us half litre bottles of water. I figure a couple good chugs of it, then pour the rest over self to stay cool.

Then coming back to take off helmet, gloves, shoes, bike shorts. Putting on running shoes. I even have extra socks in case I simply must change them. Cap and more sunscreen. Then we'll see how the run goes. I have no expectations for time. My goal is to finish in the alloted time.

The phrase of the pre-race meeting was, no peeing while riding please.


  1. Hope you are having (or had) a great race Keith!!!!!! :) :):)

  2. Keith...hope you had an awesome day. Look forward to the details!!

  3. Hope you had an awesome time out there! All of us in CDA were sending you our good vibes.

    You rock!!!


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