Sunday, June 8, 2008

Getting back on the ....

Today's IGP assumed I'd be a burned out wreck today after giving my all in the Tinman. It called for a rest, or EZ spin. I actually looked at the plan for the next two weeks. Can this be right, no biking till next Sunday?

Maybe it's just as well given the weather. I opted for the EZ spin today. 1 hour, and my butt was killing me in about 20 min. My thought was to have a light fast spin, spending most of the time at 90 rpm at the top of zone 1, with some short bursts of faster rpm, but not going above zone 2. Lots of warmup, then about a half hour of 15 to 30 seconds high rpm, starting every two minutes. Started them easy, built to several that were all out, then came back down the pyramid. Then about 15 min cooldown.

You'd think from what my butt had to say about it that I'd never been on a bike before! Complaints complaints complaints! My legs were good, and really liked it. The spin woke them up, worked my core a bit. I was concentrating on spinning form today, keeping feet light on the pedals. I've noticed my toes tend to go to sleep, and I think it's because I press down too much, leading to pedal plunging. Max rpm without bouncing is going up very nicely. The jiggly back fat just above my hip bones is either going away or muscling up.

After a short transition I went out for a short, easy run. 2K 15 min, 8/7, heart rate maxed out about 126 or so. I could have kept going but didn't want to stress anything. This was mainly to remind my bod that the workouts aren't going to stop. Then about a half hour of stretching, with some calf massage to work on the knots in there.

I got lucky on weather. There was just enough of a break in the rain to tempt me to ride outside, but I didn't. Less than 2 hours from the rain ending, it started again. The run was no rain, and even a bit of sun. Now it's raining again.

Weekly totals
Swim .5 hr
Bike 1 hr
Run 1 hr
Total 2.5 hr. (Seems like a vacation!)


  1. you are muscling up my friend!! woohoo!!

    i think there must have been a butt conspiracy today. i was on the trainer for 3 hours today. sigh. my butt appears to have gotten accustomed to my aero bike, because it hated sitting on the road bike today. it was bitching and complaining big time! ah well.

    we're now two weeks from our big days!!! i'm just as excited for your day as i am for mine, haha.

  2. I'm sorry to say that my bum and nether regions are battle-hardened from all the road riding I've done this year. Hmmmm -- I'm not sure this is something I should be boasting about! LOL!!


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