Tuesday, April 2, 2024

March Image of the Month

My regular readers know that sometimes the choice for image of the month is a no brainer. One photo is head and shoulders above the rest for whatever reason. Not in March.

Sometimes I struggle with choosing and it might be because it was a slow photographic month for me and none of the photos are going to be in the running for Image of the Year. Not in March.

Sometimes I have lots of choices between several subjects. Imagine I had a good month, and I've got 3 sets of photos that I'm really pleased with. For example, I got nice light on a dewy peony, and a beautiful long exposure waterfall, and several wonderful people photos. I would mostly likely pick the best peony, for example, then move on to the other groups. I wouldn't likely have IotM be a peony, with one of the runners up being the same peony from the same session.  That's not the problem with March.

This month is sort of the opposite of those problems. I've got lots to choose between, and several could well be in the running for Image of the Year. The problem is they are all of the same person, in two different photo sessions. I'm not sure how to treat that. 

I edited a little over 100 images this month, not considering the several hundred for my community association. Some of them are book covers, which wouldn't normally be considered. Several are a quick walk around our house during a sunny day, documenting the state of the garden, here. Some are from a scenic route to Red Deer, here. These are all pretty much documentary in nature.

One of the photo sessions was the film double exposures with Michelle, here. Considering it was completely unplanned, some turned out really well.
The other was the Romantic Goth session with Michelle, here for me, and here for her.

My regular readers already know where I'm going. 

Runner Up

Image of the Month
Several choices here, and I went back and forth, forth and back, around and around. I'd think I'd landed on a choice, and go compare it to another one, trying to get down to a one to one, and then I'd see a third one along the way, and take another branch of the rabbit hole.

I was trying several different ways of thinking about it. One was which photo best illustrates the romantic goth goal of the session? Another was which photo do I think is best, whatever that means? Which tells a story? Composition? Technical merits? Around and around I go.This is what happens when you have a fantastic model.

Another indication of how good I think the photos are? I'm at the final draft stage of a book about this photo session.

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  1. Nicely done. The image is asymmetrical, balanced, and I quite like Michelle's facial expression. The hair, lips, tattoo triangle is wonderful. I have a minor quibble about the soft focus on Michelle's right hand. I also have a humorous and tangential curiosity on the importance M. Quan, who becomes important because Michelle is pointing to his / her / probably not their name. Cheers, Sean


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