Friday, April 5, 2024

Yet more Springwinter

Springtime in Alberta is a thing one has to live through to believe. Yet another cycle of some warm and sunny days, followed by a bunch of cm of wet sloppy snow. No complaints, though, we need the moisture.

It did make for an interesting hike to Troll Falls with Sean. Since there's no way of predicting what weather will happen, you have to prepare for it all. Which we did, and a good thing too. On the ground we started with hard wet ice for most of the path, and later had to cope with slush and mud. Traction aids were utterly essential. The sky gave us snow, rain, and a bit of wind. There were even a few moments of blue sky. 

There's three sets of falls, but they were all iced up. There isn't much point to long exposure photos if nothing is moving. The conclusion is that it's worth a visit later in the year when the ice is gone. These are the lower falls.

We could see many footprints where people had climbed over the fence, past the large FALLING ROCKS sign, around to the left of the waterfall. Neither of us followed those footprints.

Of the Day
Driftwood (NZ)
Oddly enough I didn't see a lot of shells on most of the NZ beaches. I suspect that someone else has this same photo. Why else would they take the time to arrange them?

A macro serendipity of water drops on a peony blossom. I think it's a peony.


Film (new)

And a bridge 8 serendipity. It's hard to get a nice photo of this one.

Michelle X2 

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