Saturday, April 13, 2024

An unboxing!

The book arrived early, several days early, to my surprise. This book. Our book. Black, White, and Red.

It's the story of our collaboration a few weeks ago. As soon as I saw the photos on screen I knew I wanted something more permanent than a blog. In case you've forgotten, there's two of them. Mine. Hers. I wanted to do a book about the session. Here is Michelle unboxing our copies.

We're both really pleased how the book turned out! The photos pop off the paper as much as they popped off the screen. 

I'm now starting to think about what our next collaboration will look like. 

In other news, we're still in fake spring. None the less, Linda has started garden cleanup because plants are growing. The weather forecast says there's a chance of flurries early next week.

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Of the Day
Driftwood (NZ)
This is a wonderful chunk of driftwood on Parapara beach. At least I think it was that one. Certainly along Golden Bay. I was quite charmed by the sign, and could easily imagine kids of all ages playing on it. 

And a 2017 Yukon serendipity.


Film (new)

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  1. Thank you Keith for making my vision BETTER than what I imagined in my mind's eye! You're amazing to work with! Patient. Creative. Technically and artistically talented. With gratitude, Michelle


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