Friday, January 28, 2022

A mostly sunburst late afternoon walk

 Just for fun, and because I was jonesing for colour, and the sky looked promising, and I hadn't been to that part of Fish Creek for a while, and where was I going with this?

Oh yes. These photos from yesterday near bridge 10. It was a lovely afternoon, just above zero. In hindsight, I should have worn the traction aids I had in the car. Lots of the little paths beside the river were really icy, and of course, I was out on the ice on the river. As a spoiler, I didn't fall down, and didn't get my feet wet.

Also in hindsight, although I'd cleaned the lens a few days ago, I probably should have checked it again. It picked up some dust along the way, which is a problem when you're shooting into the sun.


2. The light in those leaves was really nice. I had to win an argument with a rose bush to find the composition.

3. The light was really nice on the ice, but the camera isn't seeing what I saw.

4. Yes, I'm out on the river ice for this, and it was worth it. One of the few cases where I visualized the shot, and managed to capture it. 


6. Bridge 10 in all it's sunset glory. There's a film shot similar to this (I hope) that will show up sooner or later.

7. Another case of where the camera doesn't see, or I couldn't make it see, what my eyes saw.

8. Darn that guy for being such a fast runner! I saw the shot just barely in time, and dialed the shutter speed button blind, and clicked. I could wish he was about 10 feet closer to me and thus in that patch of light. The next shot a second later he was out of sight, and then the light was gone. The moral of the story is to pay attention.

9. Coming back, I was really liking the sunset between the bridge girders.

10. I watched this for a little while, and then it started getting cold.

Of the Day
Driftwood. There was a reason I didn't remove that stalk of grass but for the life of me I can't imagine what it might be. I suppose I could digitally remove it, but that would  be tricky and probably look worse than the stalk.



A there I was shot near Oyen. Everybody wanted me to get back into the van. I was hoping to catch the baked white building against the blue sky. I suppose I could edit it to square it up, and crop to remove the truck on the left, and the intrusive bits on the right. But really, a few more steps to the left and a bit closer would have fixed that, but it isn't that interesting a shot.

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