Sunday, November 28, 2021

Still some green here

You never know what you'll find in Fish Creek. It was nice the other day so I took the film camera as well as my regular one. I got a couple shots, but of course I won't know how they turned out for a while. I need to finish off the roll and get it developed.

But you do get some photos. I found some vivid green that captured my attention. Not just the usual evergreen kind of green, but actual vegetation green. At least some of the photos worked out. This is a north facing slope so the light is tricky. I managed to get some nice sunburst effects that I'll share in another post.

This is an example of the camera seeing different things than what our brain sees. My brain saw a troll's eyeball, squinting out at the world, wondering if it was time to wake up from a nap and find something to eat.

Of the Day

Peony, but first a serendipity from Christmas 2016.



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