Tuesday, November 2, 2021

October Image of the Month

 Most of the photos this month are for private clients, and thus not in the running for image of the month. Which is a pity because there were some great photos.

In other news, my portfolio site is alive for sneak previews. It doesn't show up in searches yet; it takes a little while for the search robots to update. You have to click the link. loungecatproductions.com. There's still some additions and tweaks to happen. (Hint, you will see some of the October photos I mentioned above.)

Why Loungecat Productions? The short version is that I was looking for a name that could apply to photography and writing adventures, and perhaps any other form of creative work. In the go big or go home department, maybe I'll sell a film treatment to Hollywood, and you'll see a move credits starting with "Bad Robot Productions in association with Loungecat Productions."  

It's memorable, and reminds me of what a great lounging cat Curtis was. He could lounge like nobodies business. Yes, I tried to work him into the logo, but that got complicated. Clean, simple, elegant. Thank you to Michelle and Gail for draft ideas, and to Lori at Trophy Loft for the actual image. Note that Blogger put a border around it that doesn't exist in the logo itself.

Second Runner Up
I know only a few of my readers share my fascination with distressed wood and thus some will be muttering over their morning coffee, this is one of the best this month? Yes. I was captured when I first saw it, and since I had the film camera with me, I took a photo using it, and I'm looking forward to seeing that.

First Runner Up
Wha can I say? The light was nice and I was walking by at just the right time.

Image of the Month
Mz Bobcat and her family came strolling through the neighbourhood one morning. They seemed more alarmed by the magpies than by the people taking photos. She is sitting on the fence directly across the alley from our house and I'm told she was on our fence for a few minutes. I'm glad Celina was in.  I and several other people were less than 50 feet away. She knew we where there and wasn't fussed. I think she was watching for her cubs coming along.


  1. Great composition on the first runner up, and the winner is such a nice kitty. Cheers, Sean

  2. Good choices! I really like the distressed wood and leaves image too! Look forward to seeing what comes out of the film camera.


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