Saturday, May 2, 2020

April Image of the Month

For all that we were in post-travel isolation for the first part of the month and had all the time in the world, I didn't actually get that much photography done. April is always a tough month for me. There typically aren't any good winter scenes anymore, and even if there are, I'm so sick of winter I don't want to go out. However, spring isn't here yet.

And yet I ended up with 9 images I liked a lot, each for different reasons. I've been musing about them for part of yesterday and all this morning, off and on, amid distractions. No one stands out to make an overwhelming case for itself.

Four of them are cat photos, where I take what I can get. Another four are vegetation related photos. One is a weird reflective selfie.

2nd runner up
I'd blogged an earlier version, but this has been re-edited.

1st runner up
Again, slightly re-edited to add the vignetting. I don't normally do this but this image seems to want it.

Image of the Month
Maybe it's indulgent, but I'm going with this 3 layered reflection image.

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