Sunday, April 28, 2019

These and then these

The last few days let me capture these.

Then late yesterday springtime in Calgary happened.

It isn't even that cold out today; it's melting fast as Linda shovels it onto her flower beds. Here's a memory of a warmer time. The first couple are from a walk along Moke Lake. That first one looks like it's out across a field or something, but no, it's almost straight up.

We ended up having lunch in Glenorchy, admiring the bird, and trying to fend off the real birds. They were cheeky and had no fear of people. Like Curtis always wanting to be helpful in cleaning up any food that Celina leaves, the birds clean up the scraps left by the humans.

Driftwood of the Day


  1. I am very impressed that the bird becomes animated with food - further proof that New Zealand is truly unique. It is a treat to know that the brown season will soon be in the past, and that the flowers are returning. Cheers, Sean

  2. LOVE the spring flowers! Sorry about the snow. That sucks.


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