Monday, July 23, 2018

Well, crap!

This photo pretty well tells the whole story.

A before and after.

Yes, they're day lilies, but we prefer we get to enjoy them a little longer than that.

Here's a before and after of some other lilies.

This one sort of made me sad, the two blossoms consoling one another or the older dying one trying to shield the younger one

There are still many lilies with buds that have not been shattered, and we expect will bloom. We hope. There are other plants still blooming and I will continue with the photos. We've had hailstorms much worse. Some storms have stripped the leaves and bloom from the stalk. As long as this is the only one for a while, the plants should be good, knock wood. An hour later the sun is shining and the streets are drying off, in between the mounds of vegetation blown from the trees.

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  1. Sorry to see your lovely garden devastated. Cheers, Sean


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