Monday, December 10, 2007

swim day, nickname needed for this pool

Today I went to Renfrew pool to swim. It involves a little less driving than the geezer pool, though I have to go through downtown. Hardly anyone there, and although I had to share a lane, we did circles and she was really considerate.

No drill, just swam 1.5 K in 29:30, then did pool pilates for 15 minutes. I was thinking about some swim technique stuff, trying to keep elbows high, and it seems to help.

This pool has the informal slow, medium and fast lanes. Slow is for standing around chatting and cooling down after the hot tub or steam room. Medium is for people that are swimming, or trying to. Fast is for people that can actually swim. And they have real taps for the showers, not the stupid buttons that spray water for 8.6 seconds.

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